I’m Siobhan. A PR and Event Manager. I am married to Rob and we have a son called Michael born in August 2014. We are currently in Puerto Rico since May 2015 on an expat assignment.

Originally from Co. Wexford, I’ve lived in Limerick, Galway, Dublin, Cork and Tipperary. And now Puerto Rico!

I’ll be blogging about everything and anything to do with expat living, being a mother and our daily lives as Irish abroad.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hola Siobhan:
    My name is Wanda Carlo and I have a bar/restaurant in Boqueron. This restaurant has been in our family for over 68 years and 28 yrs ago was named Galloway’s because my sister was married to an Irish American. It ihas puertorrican seafood but it becomes Irish on San Patrick day. It is a big celebration that my sister and her husband ( both dead now) started 28 years ago. You can go to our face book page (www.facebook.com/GallowaysRestaurant/) or our web site (www.GallowaysRestaurant.com) and see more about it and the history of Galloways. Hurricane Maria devastated the restaurant and until about 2 week ago we did not think we could celebrate this year. We are not open yet but we decided we can do this special celebration this year — actually its in honor of the two historic buildings we lost, which were the main waterfront dining salons of our restaurant built in the 1930s as Boqueron’s fish market. Since we decided to continue with the parade — with a bagpipe player from San Sebastian — and traditional Irish food, we have been looking for irish musician, band, and/or dancers, that will play irish, celtic or irisk rock. I look at Irish bars in PR and basically they just have rock bands. Then I decided to research the Irish community in PR and found your blog. Do you know a Irish musician in PR ? Or if we get a dish jockey or a Kariokee person, do you have a recomendation of what music list we should play. For 20 + years we always just have a rock group with 80 music but this year we wanted to do something different. Normally we pay and help find loging in Boqueron. Congratulation BTW on the birth on your baby and thanks you for your efforts in helping the PR community after Maria. My cel # is 787-405-8110 or my email is wanda.carlo@gmail.com.
    Thanks and I hope to hear from you,


    1. Wanda! I didn’t see this in time for St Patrick’s day. I’m so sorry. I hope it was a huge success. We were actually in your area last weekend and went to find you but it was closed. I hope that things get up and running for you soon. We really enjoyed staying in the area.


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