2017… Entering the unknown!

January is almost over and I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath. I’ve had visitors for five weeks from Ireland and as with anyone in your home there’s a lot of cooking and cleaning and running around. It was a lovely time though spent catching up with family and seeing parts of the island that we previously hadn’t explored.

But what’s next? I’m starting to think now about what this year will bring and I’ve no idea. It’s an odd sense of uncertainty as this time last year I knew that 2016 would be pretty steady in comparison to our big move in 2015!

A couple of things I’m pretty sure of…. 

Michael will start Pre Pre Kindergarten in August here in Tasis, the international school here in Dorado. My heart is slightly broken that my little boy will be heading to school but being an only child I think it’s time for him to be around other kids and Tasis is the best option. He will be starting with some of his little buddies and I know there will be a few teary mothers that day.

We will be going home to Ireland for about a month this summer. I have booked a house in Co. Clare to go away with some family for a week and Rob’s sister is getting married in Galway the end of July. Throw in a day or two at the races, catch up’s with friends and it’ll be a busy but fun trip home!

I’ll continue on the never ending fitness journey with a 10k scheduled for the end of February and continuing to train with my trainer three times a week.

We will do some more exploring and are plotting a trip to Vieques and potentially a cruise or trip to Miami. Exciting things!

A couple of things that may happen… 

We came to Puerto Rico for two years and are committed currently to be here for three. Will we stay longer? Will we find out this year if there is another assignment or will we be going back to Ireland after Puerto Rico. I at this point have no clue and I’m open to everything once Rob and Michael are happy. The adventure continues…. I would love to know though by the end of the year where the next adventure will be!

Saying goodbye to friends… I haven’t had to do too much of this yet but it’s inevitable here in such a community. There will come a point this year I’m sure where someone from my close network will leave and it will be hard. The friend bond here with those close to us is very strong. When you don’t have family near they become a substitute and I’m dreading the day that we will have to do this.

I may finally get off my butt and learn to swim. Unlikely.

A couple of things I would like to happen…

I need to start thinking about me and what I will do when Michael goes to school. Starting with the updating of some skills including web design and analytics.

Write more. Blog more. Capture our travels.

Saviour each and every moment and day.

Lose three stone and win the euromillions.

Save more and stop with the shopping addiction.

End 2017 with all of my family and friends healthy and happy.

Here’s to 2017!!! 





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